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Sell Your Property Without the Hassle of 3rd Party Brokers or Consultants

Are you looking to sell your property but feel overwhelmed by the listing process? Whether you are an owner occupant or an investor, SellMyBuilding makes it easy to get a direct and competitive offer quickly, all without commissions, extra fees, or extensive paperwork. We understand that the decision to sell your property is a significant one, and we make it as simple and straightforward as possible with our streamlined approach.

Who We Are

SellMyBuilding is a group of investors and experienced buyers and real estate professionals with a proven track record of seamlessly navigating real estate transactions.

We are confident we can provide you with a hassle-free experience. We have the financial capacity and acquisition experience to make you a competitive offer while ensuring a smooth and seamless transaction. Our purchase team handles all aspects of the sale process, from due diligence to legal documentation, with the utmost transparency and professionalism. There are no middlemen, no additional fees and commissions, and no lengthy timelines.  We are the direct buyer.

With us, there’s one offer, one buyer, one negotiation leading to an expedited transaction and closing. Plus, since you’ll be working directly with us, there’s a much lower chance of potentially costly misunderstandings and miscommunications.

Property Types We Purchase

We own and specialize in NNN industrial buildings with an emphasis on sale-leasebacks, which can provide immediate seller capital for operations or debt paydown. In addition, we also purchase other commercial buildings, which can be found in our criteria list below:

Not sure if a direct sale is right for you? We offer personalized solutions to meet your needs. Your deal will be customized to meet your personal objectives.

Our Difference

Listing your commercial property the traditional way comes with a lengthy timeline and numerous expenses. We eliminate those hassles with a streamlined process that boasts:

We will purchase your property quickly at fair market value without the confusion, delays, and financial burdens of listing your property for sale or holding a real estate auction.

Are you ready to leverage the maximum potential of your commercial property and get cash in hand quickly?
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