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We Will Purchase Your Property Direct!

If you are a commercial property owner ready to sell your building, chances are, you’re eager to get the process moving. Unfortunately, listing your building can be a lengthy process complicated by flaky buyers, third party agents, lengthy paperwork, financial burdens, and transaction delays. With SellMyBuilding, you can streamline the process with a direct sale carried out by our team of experienced professionals. We have a long track record of hassle-free real estate purchases tailored to the unique needs of the commercial property seller.

In many situations, you simply may not have the time to wait for the right buyer to come along—and you may not have the capital to spare for middlemen taking a cut. Get an immediate cash offer with SellMyBuilding to address the following situations:
Whether you’ve been struggling to sell your property, you need immediate cash on hand, you aren’t getting suitable offers for your building, or you have unoccupied commercial space you don’t know what to do with, we can help. We have the financial capacity to make competitive offers in cash, so you can sell your property quickly.

SellMyBuilding vs. Listing Your Building

When you list your commercial property, you may need to make significant repairs or aesthetic upgrades for it to be appealing to potential buyers. Even then, depending on the type of commercial building you own, it may take years for the right buyer to come along and make an offer. From there, you’ll be responsible for realtor commissions, steep closing costs and fees, and other expenses.

With SellMyBuilding, the process is simple and easy. We’ll make an offer based on current market value for your property and pay you in cash. We purchase several property types including apartments, self-storage, office, industrial, and specializing in sale-leasebacks. Our direct sales approach offers several benefits over listing your building on the market:
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